Monday, October 6, 2008


Event: Family's picnic
Venue: Hutan Rekreasi Ulu Paip, Karangan, Kedah D.A
Date: Sept 5, 2008 (raya ke5)
Time: 9.00am from Bandar Baru Perda, BM (our meetpoint)
Travel Time: Approx. 30mins drive from BM via Permatang Nibong - Kubang Semang and BKE.

Pose sementara menunggu bonda2 preparing for our meals. Dasar budak bertuah betul..

So and calm.

My two aunties, enjoying themselves..berendam sampai kecut..selagi tak kecut jangan naik ke darat..haha!

All my little cousins..kecik2 kemetot belaka..mandi sakan la korang, sok dah nak sekolah, abis korang nye enjoy ye:-)

Soak my feet..cukup calming effects, hehe!

Semangat hero sorang ni makan..

My mom tengah sibuk serve ayam bakar dalam pinggan. Makteh nak ambik ape lagi tu??

I'm not feeling very well..mabuk ketupat agaknya, terbawa-bawa sampai ke picnic ni.

My mom's delicous sambal belacan..pedas giler. Sedap makan dengan ulam pucuk manggis. First time experience rasa ulam ni. The taste, not bad la. Importantly, good to cure and control high BP, orang tua-tua yang bagi petua.

Last but not least..this is my plate. Yang first round la..yang second round malu nak upload kat sini..hehe.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Malu betul nak cerita ni..tapi nak cerita jugak. Cerita sesudah sahur awal pagi tadi..huhu. nak gelak ke nak nangis nih..hehe., my mom and my bro, gi visit my sis kat umah dia di Sg. Pinang. Malam sebelum nya lepas buka puasa rasa tak sihat, so malas lah aku nak drive balik. So we all decide nak overnite kat umah sewa adik ni je la. Late nite, as usual laa my mom selalu alert sangat dengan hal2 kunci mengunci pintu rumah ni. Agak nya malam tu terlebih selesa, terbuat la dia macam kat rumah sendiri. Kunci grille kat koridor depan, pastu grille kat depan pintu and letak pad lock sekali. Tutup pintu..then kaboom tido sampai la time lepas sahur tu. Adik hero aku tu tak senang duduk dengor bunyi mercun dentam dentum kat luar, nak gak la nengok power tak power dak2 sg. pinang ni..bagusnye amik kunci nak bukak pintu..kunci pad-lock nya tak jumpe2 jugak dlm seikat kunci tu. hehe...suspen. Adik perempuan aku tetiba je bangun dari tempat bersemayam dia..heheh..ape lagi menjerit la dia. Rupa2nya..pad lock tu letak kat grille wat gimik je..tak leh guna pun sebab kunci nya ada satu je dengan housemate dia yang dah balik kampung kat ganu! huahua..pucat muka mak aku. Aku pun terkebil2 la..nak buat apa lagi. Mana nak cari tukang kunci time subuh ni. Adik aku tipon boypren dia pun tak jalan..tipon housemate dia pun tak berjawab. lastly..dia tipon 999..haha..first time ever!

Buat malu kat pakcik bomba tu je... siap kena gelak lagi. Dah la sayup kat level 16..bayangkan la kalau building tu on fire..hangus la kitorang dalam apartment tu.
Moralnya..nak alert dalam hal security ni pun kena fikir safety jugak. Selamat ke kita kalau berlapis-lapis kunci macam ni..nak2 pulak time emergency.
Lepas ni rasa nya my mom mesti fobia bab2 kunci ni..hehe;-)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Majlis Berbuka Puasa

Event: Majlis Berbuka Puasa ~ E.W.& Associates & T.U.P Construction Venue: Evergreen Laurel Hotel, Penang Date: 26 Sept 2008
Attended by all staff to celebrate our 'breaking fast'. So here is the shot..(taken by our best ms. photographer..hehe)
Me and husna..menunggu waktu berbuka.

Our happy family..;-)

Husna's sweeetttt smile..wit our boss behind..

Me...too tired to pose..too full, sleepy oledi..haha. the wrong pic la..where da heck??!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nama Jepun

Kalau yang sedang boring-boring tu tak tau nak buat apa, dalam kepala otak
asyik fikir POLITIK, REFORMASI dan lapar dahaga sahaja, apa kata kita
berhibur sikit dengan lawak nama jepun ni.

01. Yang pemarah - KEiJI CACIMAKI

02. Yang suka berjimat - SAYORI SUKAMURA

03. Yang bisu - KIETA TADASORA

04. Yang suka makan nasi - NANACHi KASIBANYA

05. Yang suka layan blues - APO NADIKATO

06. Yang suka belajar - ASHIKO ULANGKAJI

07. Yang kerap bikin kacau - WAKASI HURUHARA

08. Yang sangat kedekut - MATIMATI TAMOKASI

09. Yang suka sangat tidur - ICHIBAN TIDOMATI

10. Yang suka mengintai - HINTAI AKOSUKA


12. Yang kena tinggal bini - SUSAHATI BINILARI

13. Yang suka merempit - SAJA CARIMATI

14. Yang Lembab - AYUMI SIPUTBABI


Sunday, August 31, 2008

26th - 27th Aug ~ Jln2 Cari Makan..

I've been in KL on last 26th - 27th, without any special purpose..(nothing special...???is it for real??) The truth is I just don't want to tell everybody with that special part..hehe. So, here is a few pics taken while we (me and my sis..) went for makan2..

Ribena blended special, with Lychee and Nata de Coco. This one at SS2 Murni restaurant.. SS2.

I think this is the best 'cooked' bihun sup I ever taste..

My sis opt for Mee Bandung..erm..dugaan..dah la bulan puasa ni.

And this one at Kedai Kopi, Taman Tasik Shah Alam..Nasi Goreng Kampung..

Friday, August 29, 2008

laksa mania..

Our office 'kenduri'..the last one before 'puasa month' begins this coming monday. Everyone has their own contributions. I'm sponsoring some fruit salad..hehe;-) last minute program, so..this is the only thing I'm able to contribute. The gravy kuah laksa was prepared by our evergreen chef..Kak Zan (mother of I call it evergreen chef! They normally very talented in cooking!)

The laksa itself been prepared by none other than..again..senior chef (mother of 1..haha!)..Kak Shima. The 'green ingredients', (we call it 'accessories'..u know laa..the cili padi, daun laksa, daun gajus, cucumber, onions & etc.) was sponsored by lil' Husna. I think..the whole of this office are all 'hantu laksa'..or we can call it 'laksa mania'..hehe.

The pics is dedicated to my fellow friends..Andrea Chong..who might read this posting.
P/s: Do not say that I'm not inviting you...

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Back from 2 days leave..I felt so energize. Clearing half of backlogs and up till 5 o'clock, my spirit, my energy still at maximum level !! Hehe!! Wanted to stayback but I've already promised my mum to do some households shopping.

p/s: I can't tolerate with people doing 'cincai' job. There is no such words in me and I just can't understand why people can get used to live & work in 'cincai' way!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's about choices..

When we wake up in the morning, we have two simple choices -- Go back to sleep and dream, or wake up and chase those dreams..

quote from:

Damn rite!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

miss my sis..

Waaa..bosan, sunyi sepi at home. Since my sis moving out from our home last week, I don't have anybody to fight with, nobody to argue with. Kalau ada dia boleh jugak buat lawak bodoh..gossip2 sikit. Rindu giler kat adikku...nak nangis, malu la pulak, jatuh saham nanti. Ni baru pindah rumah, belum nak kahwin, ikut hubby lagi dak tu..esok2 dia dah married, lagi la buhsan. Rasa2 nya, I have to fight this feeling. Maybe, rasa takut kehilangan family bonds tu yang menyebabkan aku rasa serba tak kena sekarang ni. Dia pun bila dah stay jauh dari family, nak call tanya khabar ma pun susah..sampai hati betul tau!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

jari-jemari sape ni??

Pakai inai kat jari pun jadi kontroversi. Macam dah sinonim, asal nampak inai di jari, people will ask.."bila kawin?tak jemput pun", "are u married??" bosan nye soalan. :-)

Inai or henna has been references as women's preparation to her wedding day. In my case, inai ni dipakai sebab nak menutup kesan lebam di kuku. Just recently my thumbs tersepit pintu besi di office. The pain is over, but there is still black marks under my nail. I thought, with inai can cover up that black marks..but sadly, nope.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Am I a perfectionist??

I'm not feeling very well since yesterday. Perhaps due to bad wheather or probably due to the stress itself. Early in the morning I woke up with migrain, back-ache and sore-throat. Wish I could take an MC..but it is always be the last thing I would opt to..:-)

That somebody had advise me to hand things over to someone I could trust. Maybe delegating some of my tasks at work, probably to another person that could use it as new experience and learning process. My problem is, I always worries that the outcome might not be as same 'quality' as mine. I'm worried, the task could not be done in correct work process, accurate and at the same speed I could do. Sometimes, I do I a perfectionist?

According to wikipedia, perfectionists may be workaholics who cannot relax; people who reproach themselves for days after the smallest error, such as a word out of place; the person so intent on finding the perfect mate that they never settle down; the procrastinator; the finicky person; and so on. Perfectionists tend to be exceptionally sensitive to criticism.
Perfectionists often exhibit some or all of the following personality traits: emotional guardedness; a need for control; fear of making mistakes or errors; thrift; need to be above criticism; tendency to be stubborn or confrontational; and so on.

I have all the criteria!!

So -- right now I think I should just be calm, have a quiet moments, and then decide what tasks and which roles to give to which people.


hazy day..

Penang jerebu lagi..
this pic was taken yesterday at 5.00pm while I'm on my way back home.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

about girls

Girls Myspace Comments

Saturday, July 19, 2008

it's saturday..

Relaxing..after tiring days at work. Me and my sis spent our saturday evening at Oldtown, New World Park. Weekend is the only time for us to get-together and have a "girls chat". After a cup of hazelnut white coffee and some noodles, later around 8, we left the city and heads to the famous Night Market in Batu Ferringhi.

With the same intentions like any other local visitors, we just try our luck to look for latest blockbuster DVD's. Unfortunately, we return with dissapointment. This is my 3rd time visit and its worth it even you have to walk in a very long strech.

A massive traffic jams begins from Gurney Drive junctions up to the Esplanade..due to this fireworks. I only managed to capture this..

Tomorrow going to be a lazy day at home...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

today is public holiday..

Today is The birthday of the Yang Di Pertua Negeri P.Pinang. So, it's public holiday here. Boring duduk kat umah and do nothing, so, by lunch time me and dik na went for shopping at Carrefour. As usual, I'm the one who plans to shop and the one ended grabbing like almost everything she wants is my sis. Unfortunately, I'm the one who fork out the money. Dik na punya excuse, tak sempat withdraw cash from ATM. Co-incidence, there is 'Thai Fair', dik na dah start rambang mata bila tengok all those skirts with cheaper price.

Since I haven't take anything since breakfast, masyaallah..punya la lapar perut ni menunggu dik na..from one shop to another..baru la dapat apa yang dia cari, skirt ala gypsy..ala nak melaram untuk dating dengan bf dia tonite la..ape lagi. We had our lunch at Cili Padi. Dah lama tak ke sana, dah macam tak up-to-date with what's happening, banyak stalls dah close down. 2 stalls still runs business as usual..since we dont have option and refuse to waste time to find another eating spot, we opt for our favourite mee rebus and kuey teow bandung. Nasib baik stall favourite ni still operating.

Mouth-watering isnt it??

Thursday, July 10, 2008

lunch hour today

Lunch hour shopping sometimes easier but most of the time, tension! Hassle free to shop during this hour but I cannot stand with bustling traffic. Especially when rainy today. Dah la hujan..perut pun mula lah menyanyi. I discover that nowadays I hungry easily . I know why..bila rasa nak marah, makan. Lagi marah..lagi banyak makan. And it became habits.

I was at Guardian. Looking for my personal toiletries and incidentally met one of my old friend there. We have a short chat and I proceed to my car. "The office" calls up and informed one of panel solicitor will come over and bring some 'lunch treat' for all staff. Waa..makan free again! Luckily I did not tapau anything..haha! See..makan again. Hopefully, by this way I would be able to put on weight!

A gift..

This souvenir.. a gift from friend, Pn. Nor who went for holiday trip in Medan last week.
Thanks ya!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

durian fever

Sundry shop nearby our office sells these lovely durian, fresh from the tauke farm in Balik Pulau. And guess what, we had our small durian party today. See the yellow marvellous! RM 4.90 per kg and it's worth it.

I'm not sure what will happen tomorrow soon after my boss enter the office. One thing for sure, he could smell the new variant of air freshener in the whole office and sense that the 'durian fever' is back! Just wait for complaint list tomorrow..hehe!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Not a good day..

I just can't think of something nice to say about someone. Beginning of the day I managed to say nothing instead of being critical. But it became more tough for me to verbalize -- and proven, it's not a good day to speak my mind. Dah berjaya mendiamkan one of my office mate. Rasa bersalah kerana tak puas hati tu dilepaskan to the wrong person. I'm just tired being responsible in everything for NOTHING.

Late in the evening, my former manager, Mr Wong, call me up. Just bertanya khabar and get some updates of the office. What I could say is "nothing much difference..i'm still me. I do all the works, without assistance. People come, people go..including you. And I'm still stuck in my own cubicle. "

At least, he brings smile to my day. Mengenangkan dia yang friendly, a very concern person and generous..selalu belanja staff. After he left company, no more 'makan-makan', haha! Eventhough, ada sikit perangai 'ulat bulu' and sometimes too much talking which is annoying, I still respect him as my former manager. After a quite long conversation over the phone with him, I feel much better. And hopefully, tomorrow would be no more emotional issues arise. I will try my best to maintain positive thoughts, as much as I can.

Friday, July 4, 2008


I did the work..someone get the credits! So annoyed!

Since I'm working with a power player right now, but guess what? She could say the same of me.
It has been a very long time ago that I am aware that I have to step into that role with more confidence. But what happens yesterdays finally ruins my self-confidence. Unsure with my work position and unsure whether my performance has been well-accepted, well-appreciated by the top management. This 'silent competition' at work has made me feel uncomfortable.

Here I am today..still the one running around to get things work..but the promotions goes to others!

It's been so long..and I think it's time to look for another career advancement.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Family Gathering

We had our small family gathering yesterday. Terasa kekurangan sikit sebab ada family member yang tak dapat turut serta. After a lot of rest kat rumah auntie Ita, late in the evening we decide to went for "makan-makan". Easiest and nearest spot is tomyam restaurant just in front of "Penang Snake Temple", Bayan Lepas. Change of ownership I guess..makanan dah tak sesedap dulu and a bit expensive compared with the one we used to visit at Batu Uban. But anyway..we had a fun-time together.

My auntie Ita with her loved ones, Muiz and Nasuha. Entah apa mama depa dok bebelkan.

Cucu-cucu bersama nenda.. nasib baik aku sempat enter-frame..hehe.

My sis, Na and my bonda. Waiting for our meals to arrive..grrr...lapar dah tu, tapi sempat posing lagi.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Petang tadi lepas tengok staff PTG practice bowling, me and my sis went for movie. Memang sebelum first release on 26th June hari tu beria-ia nak tengok movie SEPI. One of my guy friend ajak tengok movie ni dengan dia..tapi aku buat senyap je. Tak nak nanti dia pulak yang misunderstood of anything. Lagipun for me..nak tengok filem romantik ni dengan penuh perasaaan, tak nak nanti ada perasaan lain pulak yang datang. I would say its the best malay movie I ever watched. Memang intense and banyak main emosi.

Dengan pelakon-pelakon favourite aku, Afdlin Shauki, Vanida Imran and Tony Eusoff makin menguatkan perasaan aku untuk tengok movie ni. 3 cerita..Adam, Sufi and Imaan. The first part of Adam memang boleh gelak-gelak, lepas tu mula la rasa air mata dah bertakung. Paling tragis cerita Sufi. Imaan pulak memang dramatik.Ditambah pulak dengan soundtrack yang bagus..I would give this movie 4.5 stars! Directed by Khabir was fantastic sampaikan aku keluar dari cinema with new positive thinking towards my life, in fact banyak pengajaran yang boleh diambil..congrats!


Thursday, June 26, 2008

kek untuk mak mentua..hehe

Kek batik ni dibuat oleh my sis with my recipe and effort..haha..jadi cikgu masak la pulak. Dia yang nak ambil hati mak mentua tapi akak dia lak yang jadi mangsa. See..mana ada kedekut ilmu..mama selalu cakap aku camtu. Tengok je macam kedekut tapi baik hati jugak..hehe..puji diri sendiri! Lepas balik keje petang tadi dah kena tolong dia kat dapur. Takpe la adik punya pasal..asal dia & bf happy cukup la.

Esok kena ambik sikit portion kek ni nak bawak ke office, bagi diorang rasa. Most people familiar dengan kek ni. Bukan susah sangat nak buat, cuma guna Milo, Buttercup, condensed milk, biskut marie and peanuts. Dulu kerap jugak buat kek ni and bawa ke office, buat bekal tea-time..:-) sekarang dah malas sikit...sikit aje.

Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm sweet...haha!

When everyone's laughing today, I don't find things so funny. Felt like I've been missing out on the joke. Maybe I'm just a bit out of synch with other people right now, mostly because I've been so wrapped up in my own plans. Not in a good mood for a few days already and It's going to take me a little bit more time to get back into the swing of things. But I do lil bro in office always remind me.."akak..personal problem don't bring to office. Everybody also got problem. But please come with a smile la at least..jangan hentak barang sana sini". Actually.. ni last time my colleague punye case. Ada masalah rumahtangga bawak ke ofis. Dengan muka masam and bebal sambil buat kerja. Mengenangkan kata-kata adik sorang ni..I kept everything inside. No one could understand kalau kita tunjuk muka tak manis sekalipun. Anyway, I'm always sweet..;-) haha.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Stressed out!!!

Today, that bad feeling I've been having about someone have come to the end. Fade away. All of my worries were unfold. So long that I trusted my instincts, but they turned out to be wrong -- it is extremely rare, but it does happen. I'm in total relieved however, by learning the fact that my stress is finally ending! And in the future, I don't have to doubt myself anymore. I belive that things happen for a reason.

I've blurted 'the thing' out to that someone today. The things that I could not keep anymore, the feelings that burn my heart inside out. It hurts me much. Yet he couldn't even say a words, to apologize or anything that could get me all the comforts that I need. Lelaki jenis ape ni??Mana hilang gentleman? be friends?after all this? with all those sms?? how to accept that all this are "misunderstanding" issues? I might not be his type of girl, I guess. I'm not sorry for that, this is me.

And know what..this thing happen just soon after I received a news from my ex, he's getting married. Seeking for advise..telling me those 'hantaran'..'mas kahwin'..'kenduri' decision and bla bla..yet I'm still "a very kind girl", smile back at him, I'm offering myself to help him on his kenduri. It's twoooo bad...! Gosh...when will I find lil peace of mind.

All or nothing at all...

"There are times it seems to me
I'm sharing you in memories
I feel it in my heart
But I don't show it, show it
Then there's times you look at me
As though I'm all that you can see
Those times I don't believe it's right
I know it, know it
Don't make me promises
Baby you never did know how to keep them well
I've had the rest of you
Now I want the best of you
It's time to show and tell"

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day..

How I missed my late father very much. Even till now, I still kept a picture of him inside my purse. It's a sudden loss and it's a heavy impact for us to bear in our mind..he's gone. Semua kenangan abah masih segar dalam ingatan walaupun it's been 4 years dia tiada.

Setiap anak pasti akan mengatakan yang abah itu lah abah yang terbaik di dunia. Yes it is. Dulu masa abah ada, nasihat dan pesanan dia susah anak-anak nak dengar dan patuh. Tapi lepas dia pegi, nasihat dan pesanan tu lah yang selalu terngiang-ngiang di telinga. Tapi abah tak pernah pukul anak-anak. Cara dia mendidik penuh kelembutan..fleksibel. In fact, dia memang abah yang sporting. I could not expect yang dia boleh jadi someone yang cukup close dengan my 1st ex. Begitulah dia yang open minded. My first broke up, berhari-hari berkurung dalam bilik, dia yang memujuk, not my mum.

Tok selalu cakap..orang baik pasti pergi dulu. Kami sekeluarga sudah menerima takdir pemergian dia. Sometimes, bila terkenang abah, aku boleh senyum dan menangis pada masa yang sama. Kehilangan abah sebenarnya mematangkan aku dan menjadikan aku insan yang lebih independent. For me..walaupun abah semasa hidup tidak mewah harta, kaya atau berpangkat..tapi dia abah yang berjaya..mendidik aku dan adik-adik sehingga ke tahap ini. A tribute to all fathers in this world.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Metropolitan Park, Relau

Like any other saturday, hari ni tetap kena ke pejabat walaupun setengah hari je. After work, drop by kedai "abang"..(BROTHER'S..haha) nak settle problem central locking satria. Nasib baik la tukar part tu tak mahal, kalau tak mau menangis jugak sebab bulan ni dah terasa budget lari. Settle hal satria baru boleh nak merayap ke mana pun.

As promise dengan my lil cousin, Nasuha..minggu ni kena gi jogging dgn dia sebab plan last week cancel. So..shoot ke Relau..heheh, macam biasa nya jugak dik na lak drive..malas. So, petang tu memang spend quality time untuk family je. Nearest recreation spot, Metropolitan Park, Relau. Memang dekat sangat dengan rumah Nasuha.

It's a very nice park..ada jogging trail yang memang 'back to nature' and sesuai untuk walks, the fountains, landscape garden with playground and exercise facilities. It's relaxing bila dapat fresh air once in a while.

I can see how excited Nasuha is. Lagi excited dia kalau dapat makan rojak. For me, the best thing is sweating..dah lama tak keluarkan peluh dengan berjogging.


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