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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Vivac - 2nd TT Perak ~ 24th May

Saturday, May 24th:
Vivac 2nd TT, held in Ipoh, the 'Bourgainvillea City'. After 1 hr 15 min drive from Juru, reaching Ipoh via Tg Rambutan exit at 1.15pm. Sempat drive thru McD dulu sebelum gathering (lapar gile sebab ambil light breakfast pagi tu) di Dataran Bandaraya Ipoh. At DBI, 8 buah 'VIVAC' dah sedia menanti YB Moderator dari Penang..hikhik..mampus kena sekeh kepala nih. Soon after that, proceed for lunch at Greentown. Lepas isi tank sume member 'berkonvoi' ke JJ. Program planned is bowling, but unfortunately the place is very crowd..so, semua ahli agreed to do free activities..nak shopping ke, ushar kat window je ke, makan 'eskrem' ke. At 5.00 proceed to Lost World of Tambun water theme park. Had our tea break sebelum masing-masing bersurai.

p/s: Author is the sis to one & only female moderator for VIVAC cum co-driver and guests for the said event.


  1. huhuhu...sekali gambar haku pun ado kat situh...wondering that so sorry for inconvenience datg perak...huhuh by the nice meeting you

  2. nice meeting u too..tkde pe yg inconvenience pun..



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