Monday, June 16, 2008

Stressed out!!!

Today, that bad feeling I've been having about someone have come to the end. Fade away. All of my worries were unfold. So long that I trusted my instincts, but they turned out to be wrong -- it is extremely rare, but it does happen. I'm in total relieved however, by learning the fact that my stress is finally ending! And in the future, I don't have to doubt myself anymore. I belive that things happen for a reason.

I've blurted 'the thing' out to that someone today. The things that I could not keep anymore, the feelings that burn my heart inside out. It hurts me much. Yet he couldn't even say a words, to apologize or anything that could get me all the comforts that I need. Lelaki jenis ape ni??Mana hilang gentleman? be friends?after all this? with all those sms?? how to accept that all this are "misunderstanding" issues? I might not be his type of girl, I guess. I'm not sorry for that, this is me.

And know what..this thing happen just soon after I received a news from my ex, he's getting married. Seeking for advise..telling me those 'hantaran'..'mas kahwin'..'kenduri' decision and bla bla..yet I'm still "a very kind girl", smile back at him, I'm offering myself to help him on his kenduri. It's twoooo bad...! Gosh...when will I find lil peace of mind.

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