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Thursday, July 10, 2008

lunch hour today

Lunch hour shopping sometimes easier but most of the time, tension! Hassle free to shop during this hour but I cannot stand with bustling traffic. Especially when rainy days..like today. Dah la hujan..perut pun mula lah menyanyi. I discover that nowadays I hungry easily . I know why..bila rasa nak marah, makan. Lagi marah..lagi banyak makan. And it became habits.

I was at Guardian. Looking for my personal toiletries and incidentally met one of my old friend there. We have a short chat and I proceed to my car. "The office" calls up and informed one of panel solicitor will come over and bring some 'lunch treat' for all staff. Waa..makan free again! Luckily I did not tapau anything..haha! See..makan again. Hopefully, by this way I would be able to put on weight!

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