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Monday, July 7, 2008

Not a good day..

I just can't think of something nice to say about someone. Beginning of the day I managed to say nothing instead of being critical. But it became more tough for me to verbalize -- and proven, it's not a good day to speak my mind. Dah berjaya mendiamkan one of my office mate. Rasa bersalah kerana tak puas hati tu dilepaskan to the wrong person. I'm just tired being responsible in everything for NOTHING.

Late in the evening, my former manager, Mr Wong, call me up. Just bertanya khabar and get some updates of the office. What I could say is "nothing much difference..i'm still me. I do all the works, without assistance. People come, people go..including you. And I'm still stuck in my own cubicle. "

At least, he brings smile to my day. Mengenangkan dia yang friendly, a very concern person and generous..selalu belanja staff. After he left company, no more 'makan-makan', haha! Eventhough, ada sikit perangai 'ulat bulu' and sometimes too much talking which is annoying, I still respect him as my former manager. After a quite long conversation over the phone with him, I feel much better. And hopefully, tomorrow would be no more emotional issues arise. I will try my best to maintain positive thoughts, as much as I can.

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