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Saturday, July 12, 2008

today is public holiday..

Today is The birthday of the Yang Di Pertua Negeri P.Pinang. So, it's public holiday here. Boring duduk kat umah and do nothing, so, by lunch time me and dik na went for shopping at Carrefour. As usual, I'm the one who plans to shop and the one ended grabbing like almost everything she wants is my sis. Unfortunately, I'm the one who fork out the money. Dik na punya excuse, tak sempat withdraw cash from ATM. Co-incidence, there is 'Thai Fair', dik na dah start rambang mata bila tengok all those skirts with cheaper price.

Since I haven't take anything since breakfast, masyaallah..punya la lapar perut ni menunggu dik na..from one shop to another..baru la dapat apa yang dia cari, skirt ala gypsy..ala nak melaram untuk dating dengan bf dia tonite la..ape lagi. We had our lunch at Cili Padi. Dah lama tak ke sana, dah macam tak up-to-date with what's happening, banyak stalls dah close down. 2 stalls still runs business as usual..since we dont have option and refuse to waste time to find another eating spot, we opt for our favourite mee rebus and kuey teow bandung. Nasib baik stall favourite ni still operating.

Mouth-watering isnt it??

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