Sunday, August 31, 2008

26th - 27th Aug ~ Jln2 Cari Makan..

I've been in KL on last 26th - 27th, without any special purpose..(nothing special...???is it for real??) The truth is I just don't want to tell everybody with that special part..hehe. So, here is a few pics taken while we (me and my sis..) went for makan2..

Ribena blended special, with Lychee and Nata de Coco. This one at SS2 Murni restaurant.. SS2.

I think this is the best 'cooked' bihun sup I ever taste..

My sis opt for Mee Bandung..erm..dugaan..dah la bulan puasa ni.

And this one at Kedai Kopi, Taman Tasik Shah Alam..Nasi Goreng Kampung..

Friday, August 29, 2008

laksa mania..

Our office 'kenduri'..the last one before 'puasa month' begins this coming monday. Everyone has their own contributions. I'm sponsoring some fruit salad..hehe;-) last minute program, so..this is the only thing I'm able to contribute. The gravy kuah laksa was prepared by our evergreen chef..Kak Zan (mother of I call it evergreen chef! They normally very talented in cooking!)

The laksa itself been prepared by none other than..again..senior chef (mother of 1..haha!)..Kak Shima. The 'green ingredients', (we call it 'accessories'..u know laa..the cili padi, daun laksa, daun gajus, cucumber, onions & etc.) was sponsored by lil' Husna. I think..the whole of this office are all 'hantu laksa'..or we can call it 'laksa mania'..hehe.

The pics is dedicated to my fellow friends..Andrea Chong..who might read this posting.
P/s: Do not say that I'm not inviting you...

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Back from 2 days leave..I felt so energize. Clearing half of backlogs and up till 5 o'clock, my spirit, my energy still at maximum level !! Hehe!! Wanted to stayback but I've already promised my mum to do some households shopping.

p/s: I can't tolerate with people doing 'cincai' job. There is no such words in me and I just can't understand why people can get used to live & work in 'cincai' way!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's about choices..

When we wake up in the morning, we have two simple choices -- Go back to sleep and dream, or wake up and chase those dreams..

quote from:

Damn rite!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

miss my sis..

Waaa..bosan, sunyi sepi at home. Since my sis moving out from our home last week, I don't have anybody to fight with, nobody to argue with. Kalau ada dia boleh jugak buat lawak bodoh..gossip2 sikit. Rindu giler kat adikku...nak nangis, malu la pulak, jatuh saham nanti. Ni baru pindah rumah, belum nak kahwin, ikut hubby lagi dak tu..esok2 dia dah married, lagi la buhsan. Rasa2 nya, I have to fight this feeling. Maybe, rasa takut kehilangan family bonds tu yang menyebabkan aku rasa serba tak kena sekarang ni. Dia pun bila dah stay jauh dari family, nak call tanya khabar ma pun susah..sampai hati betul tau!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

jari-jemari sape ni??

Pakai inai kat jari pun jadi kontroversi. Macam dah sinonim, asal nampak inai di jari, people will ask.."bila kawin?tak jemput pun", "are u married??" bosan nye soalan. :-)

Inai or henna has been references as women's preparation to her wedding day. In my case, inai ni dipakai sebab nak menutup kesan lebam di kuku. Just recently my thumbs tersepit pintu besi di office. The pain is over, but there is still black marks under my nail. I thought, with inai can cover up that black marks..but sadly, nope.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Am I a perfectionist??

I'm not feeling very well since yesterday. Perhaps due to bad wheather or probably due to the stress itself. Early in the morning I woke up with migrain, back-ache and sore-throat. Wish I could take an MC..but it is always be the last thing I would opt to..:-)

That somebody had advise me to hand things over to someone I could trust. Maybe delegating some of my tasks at work, probably to another person that could use it as new experience and learning process. My problem is, I always worries that the outcome might not be as same 'quality' as mine. I'm worried, the task could not be done in correct work process, accurate and at the same speed I could do. Sometimes, I do I a perfectionist?

According to wikipedia, perfectionists may be workaholics who cannot relax; people who reproach themselves for days after the smallest error, such as a word out of place; the person so intent on finding the perfect mate that they never settle down; the procrastinator; the finicky person; and so on. Perfectionists tend to be exceptionally sensitive to criticism.
Perfectionists often exhibit some or all of the following personality traits: emotional guardedness; a need for control; fear of making mistakes or errors; thrift; need to be above criticism; tendency to be stubborn or confrontational; and so on.

I have all the criteria!!

So -- right now I think I should just be calm, have a quiet moments, and then decide what tasks and which roles to give to which people.


hazy day..

Penang jerebu lagi..
this pic was taken yesterday at 5.00pm while I'm on my way back home.


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