Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Am I a perfectionist??

I'm not feeling very well since yesterday. Perhaps due to bad wheather or probably due to the stress itself. Early in the morning I woke up with migrain, back-ache and sore-throat. Wish I could take an MC..but it is always be the last thing I would opt to..:-)

That somebody had advise me to hand things over to someone I could trust. Maybe delegating some of my tasks at work, probably to another person that could use it as new experience and learning process. My problem is, I always worries that the outcome might not be as same 'quality' as mine. I'm worried, the task could not be done in correct work process, accurate and at the same speed I could do. Sometimes, I do I a perfectionist?

According to wikipedia, perfectionists may be workaholics who cannot relax; people who reproach themselves for days after the smallest error, such as a word out of place; the person so intent on finding the perfect mate that they never settle down; the procrastinator; the finicky person; and so on. Perfectionists tend to be exceptionally sensitive to criticism.
Perfectionists often exhibit some or all of the following personality traits: emotional guardedness; a need for control; fear of making mistakes or errors; thrift; need to be above criticism; tendency to be stubborn or confrontational; and so on.

I have all the criteria!!

So -- right now I think I should just be calm, have a quiet moments, and then decide what tasks and which roles to give to which people.


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