Friday, August 29, 2008

laksa mania..

Our office 'kenduri'..the last one before 'puasa month' begins this coming monday. Everyone has their own contributions. I'm sponsoring some fruit salad..hehe;-) last minute program, so..this is the only thing I'm able to contribute. The gravy kuah laksa was prepared by our evergreen chef..Kak Zan (mother of I call it evergreen chef! They normally very talented in cooking!)

The laksa itself been prepared by none other than..again..senior chef (mother of 1..haha!)..Kak Shima. The 'green ingredients', (we call it 'accessories'..u know laa..the cili padi, daun laksa, daun gajus, cucumber, onions & etc.) was sponsored by lil' Husna. I think..the whole of this office are all 'hantu laksa'..or we can call it 'laksa mania'..hehe.

The pics is dedicated to my fellow friends..Andrea Chong..who might read this posting.
P/s: Do not say that I'm not inviting you...

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