Tuesday, April 7, 2009

back to norm

Semua lelah, stress, bosan, tension, angau atau yang seangkatan dengan nya dah pulih seperti sediakala. I'm cured. Memadai dengan spending my weekend with my best pal in KL. Saturday in Mid-Valley and on sunday at the new Jusco in Setiawangsa. Thanx pal! U light up my days!!

Yesterday, i'm back to work, more refresh and energize to tidy up my messy tray! And today, full-spirited during our weekly meeting. Additional paperwork and datelines coming up, but not a harm to me.. akan siap dalam minggu ni dengan sebaik-baik performance..hehe. Would be a busy week to go since this thursday, our directors are here for consultant meeting. Kena ensure all things in order before any queries and mumbling-grumbling thing comes out from their mouth..


  1. hi there! thnx for being one of my very-lame-controversy life.

    im struggling for a mental war in this april and may which make my life such in chaos now...

    miss me ok... i'll b visitting u, once i settle those war.. :)


  2. tq signorina..i found ur blog very interesting..:-)



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