Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Finding faults

Today is one of those days, that I've began to find other people's faults. It's bad..really bad and I'm still able to think this way and notice it. Maybe it just because my job's nature that requires me to be such person. By checking all companies legal documentation, it's the beginning of this process. Susah jugak actually. Plus today, with my admin function, I need to issue just another memo to staff after I've found out just another disputes. Hmm, it's a tough job. People hate me for this! Hopefully, there's nothing personal behind. I really wanted, I really wish, it's only about work and my responsibility at office. Nothing more, nothing less.

Among the cases of 'finding faults'..i'd take it as a joke, ok!

One of letters from our customer, stating the reason why the payment made need to be stopped. He means 'STOLEN'..actually. I just laugh at this!

While on my way home, just right at MPSP junction, Bandar Perda. The traffic light should now change to 'hanging light'. (i just bored waiting for the lights to go greeeeeennnnn! so snap this pic!)



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