Thursday, April 9, 2009

Masih laku di pasaran

I received a call just now, a job offer from a very establish property development company in Penang which is also can be considered GLC. The application was made online early last year, I got call for interview and never attend of the same until today i received just another offer as 'Sales' personnel with the company. Sadly, I dun want to be in sales line anymore, just getting bored. So, I turned them down again. I discover that, rupa-rupanya aku ni masih laku di pasaran. All this while, I thought a chance for me to get new job, new air would never come. Dah melambak apply new job, not in Penang la. I'm thinking of shifting to new place, KL maybe. But the opportunities, never come (yet..).

While I'm browsing my oxford dictionary tadi, I found this piece. Dah bertahun simpan putik or kelopak strawberry..amende tah aku nak panggil menatang ni.Tapi memang dah bertahun, ada kenangan ni :-) hmm..tak mau ingat ah! mencik pulak rasanya.

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