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Monday, May 11, 2009

Learn from mistakes

Sometimes in life..we will truly learn from our mistakes, for not taking advises from others, for not learning from others mistakes. Only when things happen to us, we will notice how much these people love and care for us. All they do is only to ensure we are happy with our decision, happy with that special somebody.

Anyway, I've nothing to be regret of. I have kept my promise and I owe nothing to him. I will never let myself being fooled for the second time with the same person. I should have followed my instinct, right from the start. Surprisingly, i received "the last sms" without heart-broken. Why should I? He's nobody to me. He's just someone from the past.

To Mr. N..
Memory erased between us. You are just not the one for me..not that I'm not the one for you..but because I'm too good for you. When I slammed to your car door yesterday, I have one decision in my mind, it would be no turning back! Respect to a woman.. is what I'm looking for in a guy..but it's not in you. Thank you, you have made me understand myself very much better, ever than before. The chances you have given to me, draws a clear picture of yourself. ATTITUDES..that's determines our success and happiness in life. BTW, it's not me who looking for you at the very first..IT'S YOU. I hereby return back the "last sms" to you..I was not supposed be "a recipient"..the's best addressed to you, my dear! Sayonara..Mr. Somebody's husband..!

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