Monday, June 21, 2010

Fast n Furious Fried Macaroni

My cooking mood suddenly emerged yesterday..with a reason behind laa of course..hehe. Mom's working yesterday..well, if we really2 hungry we will find a way to filled the stomach.

So, here is my breakfast. "Fried Macaroni" n furious style. My first trial..just throw whatever I have in my fridge...some chillies, tomato sauce, chicken meatball, tomatoes, spring onion, cabbage...and here it is...wallaaa...!

Taste ok..not bad..and not to worry...I never have to go to toilet after meals, means it safe to eat...hehehe.

Actually, I did cook 'Chicken Soup' for lunch but forgotten to snap some pics, just to prove that I also can cook...not just only know to eat and do my office proof things to mom actually...hehehe.


  1. Slurpppp.....



  2. macaroni? huhuhu kita x daya menelannye!

  3. bagus2, belajar memasak dari awal

  4. wah3 akak....untung sapa dapat akak tau...ila xpndai msk..;-(

  5. Hi Siti Murni, good for you. Macham ni no problemos.
    Also best rather makan tu fast food joints.
    By the way, hows your sambal belachan? Ada standard? I bet you make good sambal belachan...masuk mulut lupa nama MIL, ha ha.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  6. CKLAH: sedap *hehehe...angkat bakul masuk sendiri

    URUCHIMARU:ouh..rugi nye..tak suka macaroni eh? urm..u shld try..;)

    ILAHONEYBUNNY: sikit2 boleh la ila..yg pastinya insyaallah..takkan kebuluran..hehe

    EELOBOR: Dulu belajar hangat-hangat taik ayam..sebab nak pleased orang. Skarang baru tau, macammana pun masakan yang basic kena la tau..malu lah kalau tk reti..

    UNCLE LEE: I have once try 'tumbuk' sambal says very spicy..less belachan...& extra talking while preparing it using 'lesong'..haha..hv a nice day 2 u too..;)

  7. walawey... tetiba lapo la plak.... mmg tak menahan makaroni huhuhuhu

  8. .BLOGSPOT.COM: hehehe....wrong timing..perut tgh lapar landing kat sini..heheh...mintak maaf isi perut dulu..



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