Thursday, May 29, 2014

Keep Calm and Focus on Your Exam

I'm back..!...even just for a while. Sekadar melepaskan kerinduan pada blog yang dah lama sepi. Too busy, tackling current worklife and what's ahead..sehingga terlupa bagaimana nak mencorakkan semula hidup bergelar blogger... :-) I miss the old days..nothing to's me and my busy schedule, confidently and walking strong enough to face the daily challenges. It's been different nowadays, when you lost your concentration and focusing on some other things (or should I say someone..). I've been lost..lost in my own direction, lost in my own feelings.

I've made promise to myself..and I broke the promise. How guilty I am. Bukankah manusia dengan janji yang tidak ditepati itu terlalu sinonim..? Jadi, mengapa rasa bersalah..? 

Keep calm, Murni... and focus on your exam!


  1. Replies
    1. Zie,

      yup someone..huhuhu....long story since menyepi. Good luck on our coming exam. Zie ni confirm dah study kaw2 ni....



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